Industrial Energy Audits

Total Risk Solutions undertakes industrial energy audits to measure your current energy use and show how you can make and prioritise improvements. The scope of the audit can range from an entire building or site right down to energy use associated with a specific process.

Audits are undertaken to Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3598:2000 Energy Audits which recognises three levels of energy auditing. The three levels are.

The Level 1 or ‘Walk-through’ Audit. This is a simple exercise that provides an overview, and directions for further investigation.

The Level 2 or Standard Energy Audit. This is a reasonably detailed investigation of energy supply and use, and should provide clear recommendations for energy and cost-saving measures, along with the costs and benefits of each.

The Level 3 or Detailed Energy Audit. This should provide all the above but at a much greater level of accuracy. It will often mean needing to install sub-meters. A Level 3 Energy Audit provides a detailed analysis of energy usage, the savings that can be made and the cost of achieving these savings. A Level 3 Energy Audit is expected to provide a firm estimate of savings and cost. Accuracy of figures would be within +10% for costs and -10% for benefits.

Audit cost (estimate)

  • Level 1 Operational overview and site walk-through $2,000−$15,000*
  • Level 2 Detailed investigation and analysis $8,000−$30,000*
  • Level 3 In-depth investigation and analysis $15,000−$40,000*

*Estimate only – will vary depending on size and complexity of site