Engineering Services and Plant Inspections

Plant can be hazardous in many ways, not only to the operator, but also to someone passing or standing nearby. Hazards may be obvious, like missing guards, or hidden and potential, such as pressurised hoses, pipes and electricity. All these hazards need to be identified.

Total Risk Solutions can assist you to:

  • Develop inspection sheets for plant and equipment
  • Schedule equipment inspection intervals
  • Conduct planned equipment inspections and issue of inspection reports
  • Provide detailed planning and coordination of inspection activities for plant shutdowns
  • Develop specific inspection strategies for individual process systems within operating plant
  • Investigate equipment failures
  • Coordinate additional expert services such as non destructive testing
  • Provide Project Management services

Total Risk Solutions undertakes the development of Machine Book documentation and compliance assessments for mining plant and equipment to relevant state statutory legislation as designer/manufacturer/supplier of equipment.

Total Risk Solutions undertakes plant, equipment and building assessments for auctioneers in order for them as the transferor or seller of the item of plant or equipment to meet their obligations under legislation.

Total Risk Solutions undertakes project management services covering tender document preparation, tender evaluation and assessment, client representative services and project supervision and commissioning services.

Total Risk Solutions offer a range of services for the inspection, upgrades and refurbishments of stackers, reclaimers and ship loaders. Work that we undertake includes:

  • Periodic machine inspections and audit reports for structural, mechanical and control equipment
  • Capacity upgrades and reviews
  • Preventive maintenance strategies plant and equipment
  • Experienced Supervisory support for all onsite works
  • Provision of drawings of plant and equipment to compare to the present as-built status of the plant or equipment
  • Development and compilation of detailed machine handbooks in electronic format
  • Review and recommendations on machine performance and functionality
  • Undertake operations and maintenance training.
  • Review and update manuals for the operation, maintenance and functionality requirements of the machine
  • Engineering and Project Management Services for Bucket wheel changeouts, Structural upgrades, Boom Replacements, Long Travel Upgrades and
  • Capacity Improvements on Rail Mounted Machines (stackers, reclaimers and shiploaders)